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Waev is an Eco- Conscious Swim and Sport label which was founded in Melbourne Australia in Spring 2020 by two 19-year-olds (Helena & Tom). We came up with the idea after being overseas in Greece competing at professional tennis tournaments when the lockdowns required us to immediately get back home to Australia. 

We ended up being in and out of lockdown for 8 months in Australia which caused us a conflicting setback. Due to this setback, our goal of being full-time professional tennis players was greatly declined, and in addition to this, our only source of income through coaching and competing came to a halt. One day whilst sitting in lockdown we started brainstorming ideas on what the name of our business would be as well as designing what some of our swim and sporting range would look like. We have always had a strong passion for healthy living, sustainability, fun, and being limitless and knew we wanted to integrate this energy into our new adventure of starting a clothing business.

Our brand’s name was inspired by the ocean, where much like life, there will be smooth sailing, however, from time to time there will also be rough waters. Nevertheless, we will always find a way to come back to the shore in some such way. This line of thought inspired us with the name wave, which we then changed to our own unique twist, calling it Waev.

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